About Jess


My name is Jessica Scheper or Jess for short.

I’m a copywriter, surfer, and yogi from The Hague, the Netherlands.

I do 3 things:

Lees je (een verkorte versie) liever in het Nederlands?

Professional background

I studied Language, Literature, and Communication at the University of Leiden (BA), and Political Science at the University of Amsterdam (MSc – Cum Laude).

I was always interested in sustainability, international relations, and communication. I wanted to add value to the world, be creative and help other people.

After graduating in 2010, I worked for several NGOs in online communication (SEO copywriting, blogging, translation, editing, and social media management).

Surfing, yoga, traveling & chasing dreams

I had an amazing time working with NGOs EEN and Stichting Oikos.

However, I wasn’t really happy with my life in the Netherlands. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Dutch winters (to use an understatement). And I was living in a big city, which was way too far from the beach (at least 30 mins driving!).

Then in 2014, things changed.

My contract at EEN ended due to government cutbacks. My team and I didn’t have a job anymore.

So, what do you do? I decided to go TRAVEL THE WORLD, of course.


Together with my (ex)partner, I traveled the world for an amazing 14 months.

I volunteered at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand, surfed the longest wave of Central America, slept on uninhabited islands in the Philippines, and I met the sweetest people in the jungle of Samoa.

Eventually, I lost my heart to Bali.

Bali taught me to believe in myself. It motivated me to start chasing other dreams as well.

After completing my yoga teacher training in Bali, I decided to organize surf & yoga retreats for women.

The first retreat I hosted was in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. I promoted it only one month before, so I wasn’t expecting it to be a success.

But it was. No less than 12 women signed up!

I still can’t believe how perfect that retreat was.

So, after that, I decided to just continue hosting retreats.

Every single one (5 so far in total, the 6th one is planned in August 2018) has been amazing.

Why I teach Surf & Yoga

I teach surf & yoga because it’s FUN!

And, it’s the best way to step out of your head for a while.

Because I don’t know about you, but my thoughts can drive me insane sometimes (most of the times).  We have around 60.000 of them every single day, so no wonder.

For me, the best way to break free is to become fully present in the moment. This happens naturally when I’m in the water surfing, or when I focus on my breath doing yoga.

I want to share that with you, too.

My down-to-earth Vinyasa Flow, Surf Yoga, and Hatha Yoga classes are inspired by my love of surfing and the ocean.

They’re playful, flowing and challenging, but I always focus on safety and following your own body/pace.

Stay in touch

Whether you’re looking for web content, surf/yoga classes, coaching or a retreat give me a shout and drop me a message at [email protected] I’d love to hear from you.

Let’s connect on Instagram @soulsurfnyoga.



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