Hi! I’m Jess and I’m a Wellness Copywriter & Blogger.

I help businesses in the Health & Lifestyle industry increase their brand awareness by delivering creative, soulful, gripping and valuable web content (in Dutch and English).

Besides that, I like to create stuff that inspires, movitates and helps people to live a healthy & happy life.

I’m quite obsessed with telling/teaching people how to empower themselves to live a fulfilling life and feel happy.

Seriously, I drive my family nuts sometimes with all the healthy and meaningful shit I’m trying to impose on them.

So, I thought I’d take it out on you.

Wellness Coach & Copywriter Nederland
Photo by Quinten Jacobs

Because we all want to feel HAPPY and EMPOWERED, don’t we? We all want to do something that sets our SOUL on fire.

And I believe the power to get there is in our own hands.

How did I get here?

Naturally, I have my own personal story that has led me to where I am. I actually went through multiple periods of anxiety and panic attacks between age 15 and 30. My dad died from depression when I was 18, so it’s safe to say that could be one of the reasons for my anxiety.

Besides having to deal with the loss of my dad, I also ate like shit. Actually, I ate like most people do. Which is still shit but considered ‘normal’. Processed foods, bread, refined sugar, snacks, alcohol, etc. 

Just after my 30th birthday and my fourth period of anxiety, I had enough. I found an article in a magazine about mindfulness and started meditating. Every morning, I would sit for 10 minutes, just watching my breath. It immediately reduced my anxiety. 

I had never experienced peace like this before.

It was so liberating! So I decided to do a yoga teacher training and dive into this whole healthy yogi thing even more.

Long story short: the last 5 years have been one big empowerment boost and I haven’t suffered from an anxiety attack even once.

I made my wildest dreams come true (hosting retreats, teaching surf & yoga, working as a copywriter) and am now living a “#digitalnomadlife” that I absolutely love. I spend part of the year in Bali, surf world-class waves almost every day, and am free to determine my own working hours.

If you would have told me this 6 years ago, I would have NEVER believed you.

All of this happened because I changed 3 things:

And now I want to help YOU do this. 

Whatever your goals are, whatever you’re stuck in, whatever your dreams are, I am here to help. If you need structure, guidance, advise and a practical step-by-step approach to change your life, get in touch.

5 Resume Fun Facts:

  • Before becoming a fulltime freelance writer, I organized 6 highly successful Surf & Yoga Retreats for women in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • I worked as a Health Coach for BBB Health Boutique where I coached women to become a stronger version of themselves by focusing on 3 aspects: Body, Food & Mind.
  • I’m a 200hr certified Yoga Teacher and have taught yoga since 2014 in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • I have worked as a certified Surf Coach since 2013.
  • I studied Language, Literature, and Communication at the University of Leiden (BA), and Political Science at the University of Amsterdam (MSc – Cum Laude).

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