Surf lessons in Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

It doesn’t matter what age you are, or how fit you are. As long as you have the right board, and the right instructions, everybody is able to get up and surf.

Teaching a family to surf @playamaderas
Playa Maderas

Want to learn?

If you staying around San Juan del Sur, or Playa Maderas, the best place to learn how to surf is via Casa Maderas (I’m totally biased here since I taught and stayed there for a longer time, though it really is a good place). They  have decent surfboards and offer a free shuttle ride to the beach – and back.

Another good looking surf school is One Love, in the town of San Juan del Sur (30 mins shuttle ride from Playa Maderas). They are new and their boards are in perfect condition. I have absolutely no experience with them, but they sure look nice.

Only want to rent a surfboard?

A good place at Playa Maderas to rent boards from is the very first local surf shop you see after you cross the hill, some 100 meters before the beach. They have pretty nice surf boards, they’re friendly and easy-going.

If you have a ding in your board, DO NOT let it get fixed by  the guys of Tres Hermanos (Playa Maderas). They only make it worse. Also, the boards they rent out are all old, dirty and dinged up.

Having fun myself @playamaderas.
Having fun myself @playamaderas.

Playa Maderas really is a nice spot to (learn how to) surf. There’s a long white water section for beginners, and for intermediates the fast waves offer plenty of challenge. More mellow waves can be found around high tide.

Have fun!

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